We are a leading and trusted name in Nigeria, in new business/company registration and consultancy services. We offer procurement of business permit for foreign investors from anywhere in the world



We have experience and expertise in procurement of visa on arrival, temporary work permit, extention of business visa and extention of work permit.


Our second to non expatriate consultancy services includes procurement of established grant of expariate quotas, additional expatriate quota positions, expatriate quota positions, deletion of expatriate quota positions, procurement of business permits and more.


10th Forth Global Services Is Your Trusted Source in Company Registration And Complete Expatriate Consultancy.

Our clients  are provided with the relevant business supports for Investor who are seeking to establish businesses in Nigeria from start-up to relevant documentations with the various authorities for the proper sailing of their business venture and much more.


Excellent Timely Delivery

We recognize that time is of the essence when initiating your business setup or trying to get your work permit and visa. Because of our experience in handling numerous request of this nature, we have working knowledge of the fastest approach to get our clients’ task completed timely at any given time.

Our partnership with other leading brands in the industry makes it even easier for us to deliver on time every time no matter the bulk of work to be done.

Our integrity and futuristic approach proceeds us.

What We Do

Whether your want your company or business registered, visa on arival, work permit etc. We are poised to give awesome service delivery.

Procurement of Custom License

Our procurement of custom license services includes complete vehicle registration, change of ownership, road worthiness, vehicle license, hackney permit, new private or commercial or customized plate numbers, local and international drivers license and more.

Let our team of expert take the stress off you while you relax at the comfort of your home and have your vehicle registered and renewed for you.

Company and Business Registration

We would manage your business or company registration process, ensuring that your formation process goes smoothly and efficiently so you can commence your business with confidence.


As Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) acredited agent and leading firm in business in support services in Nigeria, we do Prompt and autentic business or company registration services for you.

We will advice and guild you on other legitimate regulation documents that you may need to run your business efficiently.

Visa on Arrival and Work Permit Procurement

We have been securing visas on arrival for clients over the years. We are conversant with best practices in securing your visa on arrival.

We know how to legitimately navigate the system to ensure that your have no embarrasing moment in your travelling experience. When you need a firm that will take the work of procuring your visa from you, 10th Forth Global Services is your one stop

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We know that it is the constant experience of exceptional service delivery that keeps customers happy and not mere satisfaction. We’re in business to serve the needs and desires of our customers.

We are a dully licensed company in Nigeria to provide various expert consultancy services to you. We are well trained and manned by a team of expert to deliver excellent services to all our clients across the globe.

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42, Bakare Jafojo Street,Iyan Ipaja, Lagos.

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