10th Forth Global Services will help complete the paperwork and, as part of the Airport Meet and Assist service, can purchase a Visa on Arrival before passing through arrival immigration.

To avoid wasting your time and a long queue at immigration check-point at our Airports, we offer the Visa on Arrival Assistant Service. With this service, our representative will greet you right after your landing and will assist all procedures until you get your visa stamped.

Our service functions at all international airports in Nigeria for the passengers of all flights.

Why use us for this service?

Visa on arrival service is highly reconmended:


For those entering Nigeria for the first time


Those who needs to speed stamping process up at Nigeria airport


Pregnant women


Those who travels in a big group


Those who enters Nigeria and bring goods along with kids


For those who are physically challenged and for convenience

Our visa services extends beyond visas on arrival. We are expert in procuring.


Business Visas


Temporary Work Visas


STR Visas and Regularization of STR Document

We are a dully licensed company in Nigeria to provide various expert consultancy services to you. We are well trained and manned by a team of expert to deliver excellent services to all our clients across the globe.

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42, Bakare Jafojo Street,Iyan Ipaja, Lagos.

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